The Go Sun Stove and this Zoo of a world


                                                                                                                                                                            Brenden Davis 4/29/2017

The Go Sun Sport Stove

If someone came up to me a month ago and told me, “I just cooked dinner with no heat, no electricity, fuel or power,” I would probably call the nearest mental health facility and inquire about a room for said person. If however, said person was visionary entrepreneur and environmentalist Patrick Sherwin (those being only a couple of his various job titles), I would be the one looking foolish.

Entrepreneur Patrick Sherwin being interviewed by Brenden Davis at the Cincinnati Zoo

Before I tell you more about my first meeting with Patrick and the impact it had on me, I’d like to prove that I’m not the one needing concern for believing this.  Mr. Sherwin developed a seemingly simple, but brilliant idea one day in his garage. He was fixing a solar water heating device when a vacuum tube softly called to action his years of work in solar energy and technological innovating. See, most engineers and anyone who works with vacuum tubes would simply see a normal building part and think nothing of it, even while their lunch has gotten cold. Patrick on the other hand saw that vacuum tube and that pairing of curiosity and innovation led to him reheating his lunch in the tube. His food came out cooked and fresh and the fury of a thousand light bulbs popped above his head.


The Go Sun Stove in it’s solar powered glory

Now I’m very pleased to tell you that years later the inventor has built his own business around his product and design behind the Go Sun Stove. With multiple models addressing any sort of situation you would need to cook in, the Go Sun Stove catalog is all based on pure solar energy to cokk food. The Go Sun Sport has a plug, battery pack, propane tank, etc. It uses only the sun and vacuum sealed technology to cook your food as if it were in Grandma’s oven or on your Uncle’s seasoned grill. I would highly recommend checking them out as the second I was introduced to the product at the Cincinnat Zoo and Botanical Garden, I was fixated.

Patrick’s friend initially approached myself and the crew and apparently enjoyed our conversation. He claimed he was bringing his inventor friend over for an interview. Before I go any further, I get approached a lot as anyone would when they’re holding a microphone. As we know, people are very keen to get noticed but most of the time when someone says they have a cool interview, 7 times out of ten it’s just their friend who once saw an alien kidnap his dog. THANKFULLY, this was one of the three times you find pure gold and gain a truly memorable experience by networking.

About 30 minutes later, sure enough there’s Patrick quietly and kindly approaching the CincyUnderground table and introducing himself and his product. Within minutes of him explaining what

My obvious excitement after interviewing Patrick on

this shiny table top stove really was, and the impact and difference it could make to the world. If one out of every ten families in the US used solar energy to cook their food, carbon output would decrease significantly. I will never claim to be an environmentalist as I don’t know enough about the topics and information it covers. I will claim to be a human being however, who hopes to see his grandchildren live in a durable climate when they become grandparents themselves. Even if it’s as simple as cooking with the Sun, Patrick Sherwin made his mark on saving the world.

This made me develop such an obvious realization that it doesn’t always take conventional “green” methods to make your mark. I’m sure some people might be reading this article and labeling me a tree hugger or whatever slur you can come up with for people who are trying diligently to save our planet. If you are, so be it. I can tell you right now that I can’t go a week without a nice cheeseburger and chicken sandwich, but I haven’t littered since I was a child. I try not to take long showers anymore to conserve water. I refill water bottles instead of using a new one every time. I’m a human, and love being human. As humans we have a duty to be respectful to our host in planet Earth. I’m trying to improve my care to her every day.  Be new, think new and find that spark of curiosity and ingenuity that Patrick did that fateful day in his garage. As Bill Nye would say, LET’S SAVE THE WORLD PEOPLE.

Patrick Sherwin


To check out more about Patrick head to

Entrepreneur Patrick Sherwin in Guatemala



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